1st oracle retreat

Nov 2018

I remember grass angels at the end of the retreat. Tomato head and artichoke power of Michel. The ritual of letting go of things by putting sage leaves into the shit pats. Making wishes in the wishing tree. Magical time. (there were musicians staying in the guest house it was noisy for Michel and Rasa, Justine and I stayed in Sarah’s house)

Objective: It was the first retreat and the objective was to set the research trajectory. It was just after the news of funding. Apparition of Michel’s illness. Physical heaviness of her illness. We found a rhythm between practice and practical tasks. It was during TOPAZ project. We arrived in a conflict. How can the trio work in TOPAZ? Discovering, establishing group dynamics. We buried the guilt in the shit, no more guilt in oracle.

Task: Add paper eggs ‘expectation’ sheets.

Add sound sources 1/11/18. Michel’s artichoke solo

image by Rasa Alksnyte

The first time being in that place; discovering it’s magic. Vocally harvesting the plenty of the garden, leaving behind, wishing for the future. Taking time for things that need time, like burying Michel in a tree. We feel this place will be important for the maintenance of our group.

  • Tomato head, artichoke, cale
  • grass angels
  • burying Michel
  • shit pads of pigs with sage leaves
  • wishing tree with hazelnut leaves

Michel voiced that she wants to see Nika’s 18th birthday; being fine with dying but actually hoping. Coughing Michel. Her treatment doesn’t work.

Objective: Setting trajectory for funding, and rhythm to facilitate practice & practical tasks; we arrived in conflict due to Topaz and due to our funding success for Michel

image by Rasa Alksnyte
image by Rasa Alksnyte