3rd oracle retreat

June 2019

Silent conversation. Chicken practice. Michel’s  beautiful tabletop badminton solo practice.The ‘ground shaking’ silent conversation ritual. Justine’s attraction to Myrrdin. The swimming pool. The landscape is changing. Michel formally withdrawing: in preparation for Zwalm. An end is marked for me by the silent conversation ritual with Michel.Something changed. How to continue as two? 3 of us (Michel, Justine and Caroline) staying longer, paddock practice. Visiting the wishing tree which is infested with bugs. Our trio practice in the trees. I tried an open eye moment making my own ‘live film’ to the others’ voices: slow mo eyes open. The landscape was my witness and my subject (Then we went to WPZimmer – great residency) 

OBJ: changing the constellation of oracle. Michel not part of Zwalm. Allowed space for her to say it.

Suggested: organised a Michel workshop in Pianofabriek. Opened a door for Michel to be differently present. Can oracle facilitate these changes?

Image by Rasa Alksnyte

It was difficult to get Michel there. Hard to let go of wpZimmer. I remember she even proposed to go to the seaside instead. Something didn’t want to be confronted. It all changed, when we got there. We made wishes, we had a silent conversation. Michel and Caroline cried a lot.

It was a changing moment for oracle. Michel decided to not be part of Zwalm. The beginning of her slow and silent retrieve from oracle. I remember Caroline telling me the silent conversation closed a cycle for her with Michel. After that she could let Michel go. Really? We  stayed one day longer than Rasa. Practiced in the field and took a lot of time for warm-up. Oracle was free in nature. Happy. All seemed to be possible. 

I didn’t know at that time that it was one of the last moments spent together in total harmony. But it  was. 

  • Caroline and me walked alone in the night. It was raining frogs
  • Insects in our wishing trees
  • the retreat made a fabulous wpZimmer residency possible
  • Changing constellation of oracle: giving Michel the possibility to lead a workshop

    Image by Rasa Alksnyte