4th oracle retreat

Sept/Oct 2019

The first time we are at our usual retreat without Michel. There was no way to get her there or get together with her in a different way. We tried. Sadness. We missed her, didn’t know how to continue. A first glimpse appeared. Maybe oracle doesn’t need to end when Michel is gone. I remember the moment i started to believe again that we can do it, Caroline and me. Kitten on Caroline’s lap, we just pointed out our highlights of last year, we spoke about Zwalm and the misunderstandings we had. No hidden agencies, simple miscommunications. In that moment i knew we would manage to transition.

Tasks and objections:

  • What are the highlights of last year?
  • Writing with a pen you can’t write with
  • Imagining future
  • Decision on going inward, less public activities
  • How to research. Methodology?
  • Invite rest.
  • How to make Michel present in a different way? How to keep the Triangle of oracle?

Michel very sick and in pain. Seeing Michel is seeing the end.

Image by Rasa Alksnyte

Reflection on the first year of subsidies. After Zwalm. After Natacha Muslera. Last minute departure of Rasa, Justine and Caroline – will it be in Brussels so Michel can attend? Michel says “no, go to the old stones in France” No – too late to change and go to France for three days. We walked alone in silence – met on the other side of the Zarlardinge property. We went through all the activities of the past year. There are new kittens at the farm!

The highlights – a paper of post its.

Difficult to get there, to leave Michel behind. A false start of trying to do the retreat in Brussels for Michel and then her being clear – “Go! You guys go I am not coming” When there on the retreat, we wandered alone in the paddock, met in the tree house to draw the future – the next year, in a 5 minute scoring practice ‘how we each see next year’. Mine was like a space waling/floating embryo and a music rest notation.

Image by Rasa Alksnyte