During the spring months of the lockdown, oracle transformed their body voice practice into a series of telepathic vocal “gatherings”. The aim was to offer another form of connection in times of crisis and isolation while remunerating each participant for their telepathic presence. Playing with magic, imagination and communication through “waves/energy/particles” made it possible to practice together beyond physical borders. A broad range of artists and practitioners from different walks of life and based in different corners of the world responded enthusiastically to this experimental proposition and created a number of intriguing artistic traces.

Over the last years oracle was part of diverse publications like the Wandering Arts Biennale Book 2 and 3, through art we care, dannie.z and dannie.b.
Besides those publications oracle also published a magazine called dannie.i and 3 harvest books, that show the hidden and internal aspects of oracle.
In those publications oracle experimented with different ways of printing like Riso, Offset and Laserprint. The mentioned publications feature texts by and about oracle as well as visual materials like scores and photographs.
Those publications aim to be accessible for multiple readerships.

oracle researches its practice through practicing.

Over time we accumulated texts of different styles, ranging from collective writing sessions to automatic writings. In the search of articulation of oracle we collaborated with different writers or artists as invitation to hear their singular voice on oracle.

One of the conditions for our collaborations with writers was to have direct experience with the oracle practice, either through practicing with us in one or another form or through another format of direct engagement.

Julie Rodeyns accompanied us on one of our regular retreats where she took part in the practice and in our rituals which she took as a starting point to write about the practice in relation to care.

Mira Sanders engaged with oracle through her proposal of “Reading the City”.

Boris Belay invited Natacha Muslera and practiced with oracle both in public as well as in private spaces. In addition to the daily practices, we used the Tarot de Marseille for insights into oracle.

Myriam van Imschoot follows and interacts with oracle in various ways; by being in conversation with us and sharing of each others researches, by providing feedback, by being a participant in our telepathic practices and our retreat and finally by following Michel’s dying process from afar, which was her frame for her commissioned writing piece.

The Harvest Book

The Score Book

Reading spaces through the practice

dannie.i launch

  • 2018
  • Witnessing Care by Rasa Alksnyte

  • 2019
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  • Werner Lenz – oracle engaged by the practice of Bruno de Wachter

    text contribution for WABook 3

  • 2019
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