dannie.i launch

nadine invites collaborating artists to create an edition of the magazine dannie.n.
Dannie.n is a biannual art-zine about the artistic research, themes and discussion topics of artists involved with nadine and is partially printed with the risograph
The third edition dannie.i is curated and printed by oracle (Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon and Michel Yang), and consists of three books about the oracle practice with scores, conversations and risoprints.

Publication launch: 05. December 2018 with live performance

writing score by Theo Livesey:

Santa’s left, let us begin. I guess.

The beard begins. A Warble. A warble of sorts. A croak. A sort of cloak. Sound cloak.

Breath expires.


Oo the world sos in awe of o’s and oh my

Drops and droplets of moisture leave thaoats

Swallow us. We swallow back. Reciprocal


Almost recognised, recognisable. Mounting tones loop over, and over and over. Stolen lyrics, not yours, mine.


Metal rain.


Asssuuuuummmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee makes an ass of you. Just you.

The bellows have moved. The bellows pump the eternal groan. In out in out in out in out neither direction. More around and over and around.


Number 2


We’ve waited a while to croak. Stuck in tubes of subamriners. Submariners exist simply to end. Chest up ando ut, best foot forward forwarding the forgotten noise. whatever.

Why oh why oh warble away . Its all a warble if you like the word warble. warhol. War torn. Scratch fabrics of throat tissue. Willowy tongues slapping teeth. Shake your rhythm stick. Piped thorugh broken radios into a small metallic container, cylindrical if looked at from a distance. Back room mwtalwork. Backroom meetings and decisions. Ive decided to exhale into a pane of glass to draw you a note, I’ll be back for dinner smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakft. I’ve been back a while and breakfast hasnt arrived. Inhale me with you loose lips loose lips looser sounds for tighter eardrums, dropponing lower to hit that snail like point that has a name. cochlea.


3 3 3.

Window dressing dress down friday. Sounds not yet here. There we go, a squeak to saila thousand ships. Each moment of fibre of lung tissue of tone a screech if screeches were pleasant. The sound of a kettle that shouldnt boil boiling.

Thats better. A hardstyle beat to carry the loops and pitfalls of tonality. whatever. Wrong words neveer the right ones but the sounds right it has to be. Squeaking an old sponger down the shower curtain. With sensitive ears, performing for dogs a libretto that sounds vaguely familiar. Each one of us snaps lenses. We’ve forgotten the previous sound, this ones here now. What does this do. How do we take this one. How can we stop taing all of them . Sorry for noise, not sorry for sound the beast in the jungle lurks, with a repertoire of karoake classics, to hear one things and to go another to do the toerh to do each other in sound and feeling and the little finger should be included. Should take less time and more than enough. More than eachother and each mothers noise. Do we cary it with us ilke a throat memory? Mongolian maybe.




Knee ting gain fascia undone the fascia support weid thing happening this crouching na na nan nanana Kylie Minogue arrives in those shorts my shorts exposing knees kneading needy need me knead me looser than ususal like when oooooooceans itsan ooh not an O needing to na na use na na oooo float wek woke work looked at. Swang shwung a lower sounds. Lower sounds we dont use your high noises. Echo locating gestures. Little birds nah nah neu neu ooh a deep oo, resonates between the ears rather than on them. Flying over and over and loop again over stolen. We’ve been there before cold north. highway. underneath. Thick strings thick ropes cabling noises cabling vibration never stops. It hasnt started and wont end actaully toes. Toes in the mouth, toes in the noise our toe noise each nosie toe noise. Click the wheel click the dail each dial ba booweee sounds of perfect pain. Its just for the moment, it too shall pass this too shall be faster than we once thought. An in hale of a sound not the second outward flow and moment. Each moment take us takadimi. Chi chi nah nah oof never mind me. Patagoina pat the chi pat the kid shake the tube of the older objects the boy has enetered. Cue music. Exit pursued bay the worst thing you ever said. The worst thing you could have said at that moment. Ratatatata makes other music. Repertiting high low in out hig low whatever nevermind. kkkakak.k.k.k.k.k.k. how to type that niose. Cant type that nise. Wont type its against the rules. eeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey. Boom or something small camera break dont bdont brek too much its broken again we’ve wowowow our way to the digaridoo of nothing. Smash down smackdown raw televised violence with rumblings of politicl agends. Agendales in schedule. What are you existing/ RESISTING. THE SMELL OF FH

ISH is strong but you camt see it really isdways on to each other. Resisting never quite sure. What are you asking of me? Oo Neelly heres the moment. The typing sounds overtaking the sound of what we really try to her. A wailing wolf cub with the exhaust sounds of laughing Asnta resisting the temptation to coal everbody oevr and over. Amore useful element than plastics. More useul thatn pleasatries. The depth is shared. Bassy in the etreme extreememe bass. Never mid the knees have gone over again knnes waaahhhh



Breat taken. Let that water run over there, off your back dukcs back camels back analogy of animal spines. Wailing for an anoth pleasant fix fie dpleasantly. Yow either way free falling for a copyright free moment of expression oh Shenandoah folk songs for the deaf folks. A Morris dance of pitch around the pitched tent pole may pole may we celebrate other than like thi? Punctuations wasnt the oment wasnt the plan but getting sad and sane get the earawx to feed the crabs. Hor hor hoeeh hoowohowohwh huurrgh hurrgghhh take part in ahh argh ahauahwaw ahuhawhuau let the beeswax take the euuuauauauaaaaa huh huh huh institutiton nothing for polticiian their just is a salvage part this is south apart eu eu eu eu eu community nulding inhale no victim execution this gray grey grey gray mke me wait. Soldiering on soldier with rifle of tone top shelf it’ll be expenive but wail we wail whilst owmen we were women wondering when we would wake with wails wednesday? Wouldnt keep it u sacriligieos never mind. whatever. Ouhhhhh this taste of testament. Running off down the plugholg rotating depending where you be./ it slowly runs out but is filled by an endless pot an endless pot of air that been fucked with. Fuck with air long enough and it’ll be melodic. Melodic air. Less catchy lie me next to me an open song. The song sog . Soggy songs feed the fish with air compressed breathe underwater and further down there than before. A frozen javelin searches dingertips. Drop your nuts the nuts have droppe dmy fault for looking. To look when you dont. As you can see, they cant. Fingers searching for the next thread to pull at or just carress softly depening on your mood on yoru feeling on the feeling of being wanted and needed by somebody its beena while the pseed returns.




Breif respite.


Bill nigh.




Who hee who hee who hee who hee who aaaahhhhhhhh up in tone who weeuuoo weeoohh door creak, weher the devil did that come from nice helmet sir. Cameras poiting all over. Bin bim bim bim bim ba bim bim bimb waawwaawawwawawawawawawawawawaawwawa never mind. 4 of the voice the percussion seperated never quite the same sensation. Wihyyyeeyiii obmobmobombombmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobombomobmbombombombmobmobmobmobmobombombombombmoobmmbobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobombmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmobmombobmobmobmobombombombombmobmobombombombmobmo










Ppipipipipipipipp pp pppddfjffjfjpfjpfpfjpjffpjfj






























Shakn keys ivory tinkle ivory liminl emeave me near leaven Leven bread hurt hurt how how how how tee liee taken to the end tubular bells tubular throats furhter neare closer wearier

Cut tooth others ears but teeth of tongues. Huroo wizened and older than needed the hand riase taises


Ho her ho her hoeer


A whisper fo wrods never needed before.

A coven of coveted squeaks.

A nibble of nosies never see.

A murder of classics back shelf.

Back of the shp behind the curatin of larynxes.

A thing under another thing whih may not be the same as last time.

The discussion for how to continue seeing each toerh when words fail.

An agreement between other bodies. This is not happening. I dont want silences now. I hate silences now.

A shaky undecided moment betweens other moments.


I’m not aloowed where are you feeling alone in the room where everyone just left but its still warm.


Flushed down on cheeks. Stay in this shower.


Stealing everything but giving a receipt.


Distance just miimeters taken dust.


Hot heat I think this could yes maybe the distance waswrong there goes the door agian dark shadows strange ghosts lying trapped flying at the hour our hour this hsour seeking souls finding this here touching taking tasting spirits experience animals mumbled soudns the same, squirts oozing marwarmer bodies dsoftness comforter night nice snakes feeling nice the bite softly shadows dilute usof the hit of the nearest bottled back together walls closer walls brothers and sisters tightened together once great notions scanning all of us to each other coming whisperd taken there is on the eyes folow soflty to dirnk in this travel spear it quick finding  salt. Drink o some styles think of a star find nests detecting sense nearing hastening guiding Seuol where the goat?will it come back, where our man then mount them mountain mounting where body boat come here back where is the coal where is the biu9ont willw e be back will it come back where it th will it where is salt Saul waving swishing landscaped landed capes dour dowr curses down with the trumpets curses hither HITHER

Night air droops sizing upcaptured whisperded goals lying between sir. back. catching. Waves SAIL only near bow CIAO surl hiss DAMMIT LORETTA ssssssss MATT eeuuhh hale YOUR TERRY sssssssssssssssssHELEN ssssssssssss ANTHONY sssssssssexhalexxxxxsssss PAULA ANDREW euuurrrooooooooooehuuuu TALIA jfii MICHAEL MICHEL shhhhheeesuuussssssss SHARON THOMAS tap tap drip eruugggggggoouoououou DEVON PETER ssssshshshhshhhhhhhhh prim FREDERIC DOROTHY huuurrrroooooooo CRAOL enough and now enough and now enough and now enough STORY BABYLON STEWARD TALISMAN MORE OF HURRY UP who wouldnt have seen who couldve known that the click would trap each sound momentraily moment by moment each moment this first time before each of us would see clearly the taste of tongues . Sliding over each other as otter, words and sounds as otteres with pockets full of songbooks that got wet, the inks bled. The words have wandered off. They might come back but they’ll take their sweet time and in th meantime let us be done with it.

Why arent we done here with maybe now this time this sound. Hee urrr he urrr he urrr he urrrr the run away. The run away treain in a tube. A closed system of open feelings. A safe space for dangerous work.

Raising me praising me

How long oh lord our loss your taste

Oh long raising me

Longer than previously thought necessary possible depends on yur tastepeople first its good then people first is good then

People people first . Door bell close ring rings pe pee first furs fez fairs thirds hers thirds furs fez fez thirst thirst hurs hers hurs hers firs thirt thirst thirst furs hers hurst hurst hurst herse cursed worst thurst thirst


Bring in the bass with aline of groaning c flats, peppered I nwith cymbals crashes muffled by wool and fure. To be stuck in a loop, but nicely so. Yorue sure the eys were there and the had waves unnecessarily until the hands arrives or the keys materialise suddenly against all odds and against all reason hur hur hru ho ho ho etc the beard whimpers with drips of half forgotten lyrics





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