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Open Tafel: End Retreat

Dear oracles retreaters,

We invite you to the open tafel event on 27 November 18h – 21h.
Due to the current situation we decided not to cancel the event but to adapt according to the local rules. We were looking forward very much to meeting you and hearing about your experiences during those few days in September and are deeply saddened that this is not possible at this time.
Therefore, we would like to propose that each of you creates your own ‘open tafel’ moment on the evening of 27th November, at your chosen location and in line with social distancing measures.

Some of our retreat oracles are just slipping out of a long lockdown, whilst others are creeping around or back into a kind of lockdown.
The aim of this evening is to share your experience of the telepathic retreat, tell about your thoughts, show traces or repeat one or the other chapter of the retreat with one or more people, face to face at the same table or any other way.
We will provide a symbolic fee of​ 100€ (for practical agreements please contact Caroline by Tuesday, the 25th of November) an​d suggest chapters below of activities that are open to interpretation.

Alongside this open tafel event we are planning a public sharing moment in the form of an exhibition and open air walk during January. (More information about it will follow soon). In this exhibition we would like to showcase your ​one thing​ that we previously asked you to create. Some we already have, but for the rest it would be great to receive it by the end of December.

If you have any questions, suggestions or reservations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.