Open Tafel: individual vs collective

January 2020

What knowledge has been produced? What knowledge was revealed through this practice?

I’m not sure, if we can talk about knowledge. Because what is knowledge and how much time or non-time would there be needed to develop such a thing? I heard a lot of inspiring perspectives around the idea collective / individual. But maybe for me the byside outcome of this encounter is to think about what area of the brain are we using to generate ideas together? And if we were to use other

parts of the brain to communicate with each other, what kind of ideas would we be producing or what would we be practicing? Ideas? Still? I still have an inner flow of my own individual perceptions, not to remain being subjective…

Maybe more than collective should be subjective… I don’t know I think I have a problem with the word collective bc it implies division. Can we just dissolve the borders of geometry?


rough edges and open cracks. Intimacy. Unknown. More questions. Do i know what the other really thinks? Can I classify the other already into a group? Could I talk or write about this experience? Knowledge. We are a group. Have we laid an experience that will live beyond this moment? Is this valid? Who needs to know about this? What is the second degree of this event? A soundtrack of the scribbling sounds. I keep thinking of more grave situations + how lucky we are.

Questions how will this help change the government? How will this make me see my self in the world differently or do I see the other differently in the world? All these words so many books to read + write and make. I am wanting to know what the other thinks and feels. I know that I spend time with brave people, People that put themselves in an unknown. I think people will do this if asked + feel safe enough. How to feel safe? How to provide safety? When I navigate a room, a city, a metro.

It is a difficult topic and I think it could be narrowed down. People need a skill set to do this practice. But there was some different knowledge gained on experience. I wonder if we had everyone that had already done the practice before and could do the protocol. How different would it be? Can people learn the practice and participate in a symposium?  What if everyone  could do this dual attention practice? The finite detail; was the experiment successful? I think yes, but next time longer + to introduce the practice first.


How does the border between the collective & the individual find itself in the border of making sense & not making sense? The real ORACLE is the sound produced by the hands writing, pinning down the ideas on the collective table – while the solo or group practices are going on.

the questioning of senses coming together, senses falling APART in this communicating process seems important in trying to go beyond stereotypical thinking regarding individuality vs. collectivity.

I would not go for this terminology in this case. I find it not appropriate for the kind of experiment conducted here. It’s not about production. It is about undoing / asking what if the existing system of communicating the collective vs. the individual could be thought differently. There may be no answer yet, but I see that this trajectory of questioning could open up new ways of thinking around that.

The personal. The personal in connection. An unstable form of being with each other. Standing on the unknown. I can touch it. I can’t move. Not-knowing and movement, how are those correlated? Shouldn’t this produce fear? No, it’s vulnerability. Something else than fear. I don’t fear you. I don’t fear for myself. What am i talking about? There is nothing to hide. In this constellation or structure everything becomes visible to the other. I can touch your being and you are walking into the unknown. I hold your hand.

What is knowledge? Knowledge. Known. Maybe we should consider being better at knowing the more we don’t know, being in the unknown, feeling, sensing, being in contact instead. A sensible person knows without “knowing”. Maybe. A sensible person unknowns the known. The more we talk, the less we know. … I got to know you all a bit more. It showed your personality. Do i know more about collaboration? I don’t know. But i have a sensation of this moment spent together.

I go home with a bag of people. I know how … moves when she talks, i know how everyone behaves when uncomfortable. I like you all a bit more. Is liking knowing. Is being able to collect shared moments knowing. A twist in my brain. A shut-down of the logic while trying to make sense. Language is a strange thing. How would we know each other with using language. or without vision. I know the known. Is there anything new or just a confirmation? Maybe the new stay unrecognized. unknown.


Somehow a lot of similar concepts that relate to the question of collective, being sometimes sound as collections of that lost their meaning that became a question less than a define state. The limitation of expression generates certain beauty of not knowing and not trying to give clarity but somehow giving up, letting go, failing, losing.

what appears to me is the feeling of falling in love that somehow opens the spectrum of possibilities to share, know the other, care for the other, think together, give away space. Express needs emotions capability, how falling in love can become a collective practice that radiates from the one and only to the many. the natural energie beyond power domination and control, the natural will to lose one self in the you.

How to tackle fear, how to love fear, yours and that of the other, how to penetrate layers of protection and bring inside some light of knowledge of my fragility into the state and beyond the political, economical shield of stability comfort, even if it’s on the way to self destruction. Soften the ability to defend myself with words, listen to the silence in between.


understanding through words

connecting through half sentences & sounds

other way of communicating

comes closer to you personally

repetition of words


overcoming fear of speaking, showing there trust, only thoughts

other way of finding answers within oneself

witnessing fragility

learning about listening

what is the answer?


does the individual exist?

what is the collective?

can it get lost?

what are our experiences with collectives?

there are a lot of negative experiences and frustrations but everyone sticks with the collective.

oracle symposium as a way to connect about questions, to listen, really a sheet of paper is produced.

with words, colors, shapes & drawings


repetition brings different answers

closing the eyes brings different insights

listening & moving connects words differently

we don’t need to communicate through conversation

you stick to and form your own thoughts and listen to others without judgement

so there is no misunderstanding.

there is no argument

do we understand the individual vs the collective better now?

maybe yes, maybe not.

maybe we understand our own position better.


eyes closed    –   intimate, filthy knowledge

knowledge        ↳ fragile knowledge

↓                    ↳ that probably ….. the

↓                        out of knowledge

↓                        No knowledge      →   But maybe we should

↓                                        call this knowledge

↓                                      and stretch the limits of

↓                                      knowledge          ↓

was i on the                                               ↓

surface of my skin /         →      fragments of …..                      ↓

in the depths of my organs                                      ↓

                SYMPOETICS        Sympoetic knowledge   ↓

Why do we write about knowledge?                              ↓

knowledge prod.    how         Result                         ↓

                                  – this kind of knowledge has

collective process without        the possibility of breaking

a result                power relations /

– is it collective knowledge

– what is the state of language

in this process?


No knowledge has been produced

maybe no knowledge has been produced → Did someone harvest this knowledge

  • is it a collective knowledge
  • can it be passed on?

KNOWLEDGE PRODUCED from a place that we created by retry? it.