automatic writings – “blogs”

What came to be called blogs are texts mostly generated through automatic writing of different length; 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, …

We use those to analyse the practice, reflect on specific questions and to document practice sessions and our research.

Therefore they contain analysis, reflection, documentation, but also memories, fiction, fabulative narrative, never one story, but always many.


What is an oracle?

20th of August 2017, Travel shop, J, M and C


J: A cheerful bunch of people wanting to know more than general science can give them. A haven / a … of the unknow. A possibility to enter a space full of “meaning”, letting you go with a glimpse of AHA. A medium to a world of fairies, gods, talking trees, crying cities, communicating inner bacterias.

An Oracle is a prepared space, ready to receive a reading. People consulting the Oracle believe that the reading offered is beyond something they could have reached themselves.

An Oracle is a helping hand to find an unexisting truth.


Go Go Go drawing.

We are all servants.



ELCARO    EL CARO    The beauty


Oracle is me. Us.


M: Observing them.  I see the channeling.  An oracle does not read things as we think it to be.  An oracle makes itself available.  But it is also not as we imagine that these “readings” come to him.  It is not that the oracle is selected and all the spirits & gods & muses come to him.  An oracle must work.  He must make himself available.  Activate availability.  Not by knowing the rites that call the meanings & messages to come to him.  An oracle can oraclize when in a liminal space/state.  To do so he must activate not-knowing.  The “not-knowing” space is a door for knowledge to flow.  How does an oracle do this?  While there may be steps & rituals, these are only to facilitate getting there.  But the oracle himself must arrive to confusion, to surprises, to going in or giving up.  On cannot “plan” this.


C: You need time. Time is an issue in prophecy. You need belonging. Different ‘worlds’ bleeding into one another. The voice brings data from somewhere else. You need belief. In the moment I need to be and this being is not specified no. it is not able to be specified. My language is limited. My thoughts of what this place is needs to be risky and wandering darkly. Openings. Portals. Dual time. Multi-time. One strong presence butting up against another or layer over it or arising from. Determining a point in time. There are two very different activities flickering together calling for attention. Waving to our sense of self. It is void.



How oracle began


Topaz trajectory