collective writing session with participants of telepathic practice

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Question#1/A : )

A. What does telepathic practice have to do with care?

Care of the self in many ways – I was very surprised at how quickly I was able to go



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deeply within myself – my inner realm became quite accessible – and even more so with

each session. I was able to expel, explore, investigate, meditate, explode, unpack, invite

thoughts, feelings, emotions that had been lodged in me consciously & unconsciously

throughout the day. So the practice offered a PROCESS of healing, understanding,

exorcism. Care of the self to move forward & beyond.

For me, telepathic practice shifts attention and allows imagination to leak through

learned, habitual patterns of thinking or behaving. I was often surprised by what came

up or out of me during my sessions, but what transpired always felt very necessary in a

way that I couldn’t really name in ways I’m used to naming. So, what does that have to

do with care? I guess, these days, as I cope with the crisis around us and seek ways of

being in the world that make sense, I’m trying really hard to listen to myself, and that

simple act, which is integrated so beautifully in a telepathic practice, is the first step in

authentic self care, I think. Beyond that, imaginative aspects that surprised me or at

least allowed for the idea of others doing the same things at the same times as me

around the world connected me to the fact that energy and information move and

circulate all around us in the world all the time, and if we take time to slow down or be

still or listen deeply to where we are and what we’re doing or what we’re needing, then

we can surprise ourselves with ideas or options for caring that goes beyond “me” and

“I” and works towards something large and hopefully inclusive.

appeared, that were produced… so much care and attention, to material and form.

I felt that it was connected to self care. It was interesting to carve out a time for myself

in relation to people that I had never met or who were on the other side of the world.

Also marking the same time in the same city – listening to the sound files and hearing

the same siren that I heard during that time.I am not a visual artist and I enjoyed taking

care of visually representing the voice of others. I loved to see all the visual scores that

it provides you a frame for being connected to other people, it fullfills your need of not

being alone and therefore helps you keep going and embrace life

I live thelepatic as a a kind of “magical” (invisible, often difficult to explain within our

language, energetic) union and very human act, arising from an energy that is

uncontrolled but in a way encouraged, canalised. And care for me

of the things that make us humans, a practice that is also very energetic. I think that

telephaty could be a form of care…I am wondering that care have also a form of self-

care but telephaty always demands otherness (just a thought)

getting in touch with something else, so there is a form of otherness involved. Always, i




Being with oneself, while being with others. negotiating the space in-

actually very simple metaphor: care and telephaty are the brigdes between a

point (a person) and another…it is really about creating, generating a third human and

relational space

It is akin to a meditation practice. Shifting focus, altering consciousness, altering

is about that: is one

i guess so, it is about

awareness. Allowing for stillness. These are all aspects of care on a personal level. On a

communal level it is about community care through non-verbal long distance

communion. A coming together from far apart. Communicating through

waves/energy/particles. Non-verbal. Practicing this is care for one another. Also this

stillness is an act of care for the planet. Stopping to reflect and reset frequencies….offer

waves of noise…making space to receive others’ frequencies, these all involve a

relationship with and respect for the world around us. It is a negotiation that takes place

when there is symbiosis with the planet.

Breath is always reparation/care. Focused breath is exquisite. It is also a kind of magic!

Good magic. Healing magic. Playful magic too.

I felt similarities to meditation practices,

also, and I most definitely embraced the healing, magical powers of focused breath. I

think it allowed me to be deeply true to my communicative capacities (i.e. By

communicative here, I mean, listening, sounding, voicing, speaking, and writing in all the

directions my body/mind could comprehend.)

a nice and strong feeling.

waves of vibration that reach each other human and non-human on another level

Taking the time to take care of yourself through the oracle practice and at the same

taking care of others in your telepathic thoughts, sending out energy and thinking of

others you don’t see or hear. Care through imagination I would say. Caren through

being in the now and feeling the now knowing that there are others there as well. it was

It felt like an anchor for trouble times, it anchored me in my daily routine, it anchored me

in proximity to others. Proximity understood as a form of intimacy rather than a spacial

dimension. Where did my vibrations land? Where did those vibrations meet? This space

is a space of care.


in the telepathic practice I become a broader witness of a creative flow passing

through me. It reveals a magic that engages deep love and attention to what is, not

just here accessible but deeper in and further than my self… in such practice all

becomes vibrant and expands … many layers past through me were inspired aspired

from me so many voices multiple identities… also, the ritual punctuate my days and

articulated in related way my personal practice. It supports, awakens creative

potential in me.


Is telepathic practice a form of activism?

Hmm voor mij was het eerder een gevoel van connectie en je me foutisme over heel dat

overdereven gedoe van de maatschappij rond mij over het belang van werken , terwijl

ik juist vaak rondom mij zie dat de meeste mensen helemaal niet blij zijn met hun werk.

En de telepatische oracle sessies geven aan dat hier en nu leven zo waardevol en zinvol

is. in die zin kan je het misschien inderdaad zien als een soort van activisme, maar dan een zachte niet agressief activisme.

Yes – most definitely felt like it. As if our voices were ringing through the ages and the walls and closed doors. Defying the laws that might silence such thoughts, reactions, impulses. Giving VOICE to the stuff we dare not speak – the sounds we dare not make. I like that. Voices that dare not speaking out, speak out, voice out. A voice is by itself a political entity.

collective vibration of defiance (and sometimes defeat). These are challenging times that are promoting deep fears and confusion. It needs an outlet – to be heard beyond the political dialectic, past the welfare cues and supermarket scrabbles.
YES! we have a conservative government in this country (Australia) who are currently doing absolutely nothing during this pandemic to ensure the arts are protected. This practice is a radical offering during these times. It is defiant to dare to take time for something like this.

practices, living and working practices….
healing, spiritual, magical pratices that do not conform to the status quo. That are not ‘profitable’ that are not ‘essential services’…activities that do not have a measurable, quantifiable ‘outcome’ is…..a form of activism in itself. It is activism that is intangible, but activism all the same.
It’s an interesting question. When i think of activism i mostly think of something out of personal space, happening in public space or public domain. So, in that sense i felt we were still more in private space or let’s say a safe space. Nevertheless it felt like the vibrations we are creating through this activity together are reaching beyond that space and have an effect somewhere else. Maybe it’s a form of activism that one can’t touch and define clearly, maybe it works more on a molecular level. A slight shift of wave- length. Maybe it’s more healing than activism? Or is healing a form of activism.
I agree. This is an interesting question. A telepathic practice opens up imaginative capacities, and I think that can be an important element of activist work. It’s interesting to imagine how the ways this practice requires us to relate to one another could extend into activism. I think it’s what we’re dealing with right now in lots of places. That said, listening, allowing, and imagining are not always at the forefront of activist movements, are they? Maybe they are. Activism itself so quickly brings to mind speaking out, rallying, marching in the streets, and sitting in open, public spaces, but including attentive, imaginative work in activism now, I think, provides us with opportunities to approach the problems of our time in ways that could be really powerful. I mean, the frequencies and vibrations that arrive in a telepathic solo practice done in relation to others living around the world has something magnetic and magnificent about it. Harnessing that dimension of human beings’ connectivity could lead somewhere meaningful in the future, but I’m not sure how to increase the scale of these connections enough that the frequencies and vibrations register on a societal level. I think it’s possible, and I feel like the way this practice is built allows people to enter the experience of it in ways that are very personal, so once it’s happening, it (i.e. the multidimensional connectivity produced by the fact of listening and sounding and drawing and writing across time and space together) grows. I hope this grows.
I see/experience it also this way. When I think of activism it creates in me an inner tension so maybe, to me telepathic creative process is a form of activism which releases the tensions and guides me towards a more united force.
Not sure that always telephatic practice is a form of activism.
But is always a political gesture already in its intentions, because it evoques the possibility that we can actually be together beyond the forms that we are used to. It is

And knowing there were more like me at exactly the same time – a

To speak about magic and things that dont fit into conventional

Absolutely, to place importance on creative,

Nice. I feel what you

political in the sense that we can go beyond the language we are educated and framed

in, and for me this is always political and could be activist.

Activist in the sense of activating together another way of being together, something

that exists but has no already a name. This would demand a new vocabulary…Actually

would be nice to question what is telephaty for each one of us…what does involve?

What does it engage? Is it just for humans, for animals, for the Earth or….??

I like the term political gesture… and activating together

it is if you do it with politicians:))))… trying to enter their minds…

i think

yes I would like to try this!!!

collective gathering in front of the parliament…. :)))

Davide that’s great: a telephatic demonstration in front of European parliament!! lets do

it:))) and then guided and inspired by oracles we can use voice without language and we

ask politicians to interpret us:)??

i’m in… we can do connections between different cities

as well…

that is another very political potential of telephaty and possibly “useful” for

activists intentions;)

i think an important aspect of “activism” is being public, being

seen… but i do also think that besides this more visible aspect of activism there could

be a more hidden one… like things and practices you do for your own being… things

you do for yourself… that can be seen as a way for changing society starting from

yourself… which is already a lot… just to make it clear: if telephaty makes you happy (or

in some way makes you a better person) than you will bring your happiness into the

world… so, yes in some way i think telephatic practice can be a sort of “activism for the

self”… anyway…

I often wonder about this … the public necessity of ‘activism’ or can we

begin with ourself and the very intimate surroundings and have ripple affects a- are

these more lasting than ‘viral’ movements? also maybe its not binary – not one or the

other but necessary to have both. A personal integrity of action…

be(come the angles of Wings of Desire ;))

I’m in – it is a really different form of the practice when done in public space…


I’m in for that. But than we should also meet infront of the Australian parliament! other with thoughts, imagination, practice.

I can be I think. The intention is important that is set before starting the practice. As a

way to connect beyond physicality it can definitely be activism. You strengthen the


What is carried in the voice?

The wisdom of many down the ages. A summoning of sorts. Not just humans, but

animals and particles….the whole cosmos. The voice carries sounds & words that can

never be precise – they require RECEIVING, interpretation which cannot be controlled.

Words are never enough. The voice is a musicality that vibrates beyond the


yers it seems to work on another level than intellect, beyond.

also carries experience – years of knowing (or not knowing) .

Yes. The voice

the voice is the most authentic expression we can share from and it transports all who

we are. it is so intimate and sensitive… through voice we connect, we understand, we

communicate, we vibrate, all the tone of our life transperces with our voice…the voice

we hear… the silent voice… breath… the voice is a power… the personnality of a voice

can make a civilisation identify to it

through minute calabrations of the voice – how they resonate.

Absolutely! We can tell if someone is being sincere

celebrations in the voice’ and quite liked the sentiment. Both are great πŸ™‚

Yes, the voice doesn’t lie.



A voice speaks some form of truth, language not

I read this as ‘minute

The privilege of having a voice. The responsibility to use it. The present moment.

Carbon Dioxide. The weight of ones experiences/traumas. The things that I am made of.

Material and immaterial.

the actual moment, your time-based truth, emotional truth, state of mind

the phase you are experiencing….

is carring the language and over all your political position toward it

the political and esthetic possibilities of the language, to analyse deconstruct, re think,


droplets ahahahahahaha

no i was thinking also the potential of contagion: voice infects, contaminates….and this

carries a responsability

ahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!! it carries the virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also think memory

Yes, Do we carry memory of times we don’t remember?

Human ancestors and other ancestors. Plants and animals that i come from that are

maybe even still alive. The sea. I voice them. I carry them with me through my voice. My

voice as a direct connection to my body. My body is carried in the voice. Experiences of

my body are carried in my voice. Women didn’t have a right to their body for a very long

time. A suppressed body carries a suppressed voice.

Voice is carrying liberation. manipulation. The right to speak. The ability to listen.

Yes – this reminds me that I visualised a lot whilst doing the practice…..triggered

the voice carries breath, words, thoughts, inner sounds. using my voice is always a

challenge, having sounds come out somewhat scary. it started very silent (and still is),

so for me voice carries also to dare and to trust .

inner and outer worlds… nothing and everything… a vulnerability… one can feel the

choices in a person’s voice.. it is so very idiosyncratic.


, yes, strong and vulnerable

a vulnerability towards each

That is, in the telepathic solo practice, we can (and we do!) hum, mutter, breathe,

grumble, slurp, cough, laugh, cry, heave, sigh, gasp, sing, speak, whisper, and choose

our movements between those things as a way of expressing something internal. So,

the voice carries expression. At best, it carries uncomplicated, uncompromised life.


Outside the telepathic solo practice, the voice carries specific dimensions of sound that

we’re used to interpreting socially. We are socialized by language, and that marks us, so

I feel we are (sometimes, at least) confined by our relationships to language. The voice

carries comprehensible, recognizable words, phrases, and sentences in social

situations so that it can (with varying levels of success, so we just keep practicing,

right?!) shrink the spaces between us and bring people together for purposes our

languages help us find (i.e. name). What if these telepathic solo practices evolved

towards a set of skills we can share with people seeking deeper, wider means of

expression and communication?

voice carries tensions residing in our bodies but also the desire to connect with the

others and the need of being together (to speak and being heard…)


maybe a voice

carries already relations, a voice as something that is always in relation with

well…but of course this does not say that voice has an extreme relational potentiial (it is

Don’t really

agree ….i read up someone also speaking about the voicing as a solo practice as

wired to reflect and speculate by writing at the same time but I am enjoying it:))

i do see the voice as something always in relation. Not necessarily to humans, but to

space and environment. Just the sound of my voice is so influenced by this realtion to

experiences, memories, images – some real, some imagined.

The voice is multidimensional, but I think it’s often limited between us as human beings.

environment. But i guess, if we bring it down to human relations, yes, there we could

see things differently.

Ik zou zeggen leven, life itself is in our voices and strengt, sterkte van het leven

i like that.

Final question….


troubled time?


hmm ja inderdaad Caroline! i feel it also like that

Did you see/feel/think of telepathic practice as a transitional tool for a

what do you mean? can u explain more?

carry you into another time or space or relation to a specific time.

if the practice helped us during the lockdown? is this what you mean?

yes please…i don’t what it means transitional?

transitioning…. moving you through something – giving you a tool (what type of tool?) to

consequence of deciding to be tephatetic…so for me it s kind of new tool. I am thinkinf

that often I made radio guided by this idea of listening together and to create a synergy

of thought and emotions without actually see/touch them and this has to be with

If you want to see

it concretely, but we could also bring it to a broader context. Any troubled times.

Personal troubled time. Maybe we will call in a telepathic practice to help dying with

someone. Or dealing with loss. to create connection.

to help dying? mmm… you mean transforming into something else i guess… life is


maybe as a support. I wonder if telepathy can be a tool of mutual support and solidarity.

sure it is… sure… it makes you feeling closer to other people… what you need to do is to

believe it… that’s all i think… believe and hope!!!

To be honest I don’t know. In troubled time I also activate memory, fantasy, real

conversations, kind of this exchanges with others, physical proximity…and yes,

probably telephaty could be one of them…but I am quite new to idea of guiding

telephaty because so far, when it happens, in a way telephaty to me was something due

to the coincidence (to the magic, to invisible energies, etc etc) but not as a

telephaty….yes it could be a tool!

forming synchronicity


yes, forming synchronicity is helping us to move through our

evolutiondifficult times express in dissociation, isolation. by opening telepathically we

give a common body to what we are living through and resolve/dissolve the

don’t know if I would use the word transitional. But i certainly saw it as a tool. I

with this. I don’t know that I saw this as a transitional tool. I found it a powerful,

surprising tool, but because of how it connected me with my internal landscape, I think

traces of what transpired will be carried forward in me.

practice with these troubled times, how could you not, and used the energies created

and received in a healing capacity…but transitional feels too finite. Too ephemeral.

feels like something more concrete? more a tool than a transition?

implies an outcome perhaps…maybe not? And i feel like the outcome is so unknown that transition maybe isn’t appropriate for right now. I think this is more of a stasis. A

nothing before the transition.

Yes. I definitely connected the

I think transition definitely denotes leaving something

behind. I don’t know that it implies an outcome. I think it marks a hazy gap area where

the thing we’re used to ends or leaves, and the thing that will replace it (whatever that

Transition also



means) is not yet clear. Transitions we choose to make from one job or apartment to the

next, however, are different things. So, I speak creatively when I write this.

So maybe what I mean is that I understand that this time is transitional, but I don’t think

This is true.

the practice is. It is, or should be, more than that, because it’s resonance will outlast a

transitional period.

Yes. I agree wholeheartedly with this perspective.

( I am a poet so

my answers will always be ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Ah, I love poetry.

Personally, as a tool for a troubled time, this practice definitely opened me in ways I

deeply appreciate. It was like time for deep listening and unbridled personal expression

that felt necessary.

Yes…I like unbridled. Animalistic perhaps at times.

hmm..even denken..amaai jullie zijn snel…



: ) yes I am finding it a lot of information too : )ja ik vind het ook veel informatie : )

gtv767ik ben arto en zegt rustgevenvent


For sure a tool adapted to this time. In a literal way (since we can’t see each other

anymore) but also more abstract (being together, supporting each other, participating

through voice, thought, imagination). I do think it is complementary to the oracle

practice, or maybe one form of it. It can’t replace the close practice, it’s another form.

Ha! This is wonderful. I agree with this, too. This makes me think of how the global

….ik kan niet zoo snel denken…zegt

moment we’re in now is, in fact, “transitional”, and fear (for me) comes from the fact that

none of us know when this will be “over” or what the world and its people will be like

when there is a vaccine in place or, you know, quarantine / social distancing measures

are changed. So, in a personal way, this was maybe a transitional tool for me to connect

with a new option for listening to myself and expressing myself, and it is maybe also a

transitional, communal tool that opens up other ways for us to be together or support

one another when we can’t technically see each other in the flesh. This makes me

wonder about how the practice feels in direct, immediate relation to other bodies. Sigh. I

do miss the experience of direct, creative, human relation.

Umm…this feels very meta a question…I am perhaps not quite able to answer it yet….I

can definitely say it opened my mind to new possibilities during a time when it appears

our worlds are ‘shrinking’. Like a small crack in the wall, that seems so insignificant &

overlooked day after day after day, until now when all we have are the same walls to

stare at – to look more closely to. The ordinary crack suddenly expands and opens to a

new possibility – that was always there, simply overlooked. Each night I would come

upstairs at 8pm to practice – often feeling deeply burdened and troubled – and I would

embrace the crack.

yes meta….I love ’embrace the crack’!!!!

Thank you everyone for joining on this pad and answering our questions!

thanks to you for making it possible:)


If you have other questions or reflections and thoughts, you can write them down now

and share them with us.
You can also just continue wandering through all of this words and infomations.