In the frame of nadine’s Wandering Arts Biennale oracle created their first publication Dannie.i, in which they experimented with printed content on the Risograph as well as on Laserprint. This publication took the form of a publication “Triplett” focusing on different aspects of the oracle practice:

1. The Score Book makes the scoring practice accessible to the reader and shows a multitude of scores from individual to collective scores, scores made out of different materials and created in diverse timeframes

2. The Harvest Book, presents the hidden aspects of oracle: the in-between, the non-visible, work but non- work, the personal

3. The Work Book, a book never finalised due to the progressing sickness of Michel Yang. The proto-type was accidently sold during Kunst & Zwalm and taking this coincidence as a sign we’ve decided to stop working on the Work Book from this moment on (Michel never stopped working on it).


The Score Book

The Score Book is a container for collective and individual scores created by oracle and by oracle practitioners between 2015 and 2018. The Book is printed on the Risograph, Offset and on Laserprint and bound together in a way that allows for rotation and layering of scores, following individual interests and desires. The folding bag together is a real challenge and accessible only for people with patience and time.




Table of content:

Outside score: Layered scores on top of each other


Inside scores from enveloping to enveloped:

  1. Collective score, wpZimmer, January 2018 by Rasa Alksnyte, Anouk Llaurens, Justine Maxelon, Michel Yang
  1. Score by Michel Yang, Les Bains, April 2017
  2. Collective Score, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, February 2018 by students of KCA (Thank You), extended oracle-Team
  1. Collective Score, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, February 2018 by students of KCA (Thank You), extended oracle-Team
  1. Score by Justine Maxelon, Buda, June 2018
  2. Two-people score by a student of KCA, February 2018
  3. Collective score by 2 students of KCA, February 2018
  4. Very first Oracle-score by Marilyne Grimmer, nadine Morpho-House, November 2016. This score was based on a 30 min oracle practice by Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon and Michel Yang. Solo, Solo, Solo, Group

You can listen to the recording here:


  1. Score by Gaël Santisteva, Les Bains, April 2017


Thanks to all of the students at KCA and the extended oracle-Team of scorers, Rasa Alksnyte for mentoring, advice on all levels and for simply being around us, Arnaud Meuleman for his photographing and scanning help, Ismaël Bennani for printing advice, the whole equipe nadine, specifically Loes Jacobs, An Goovaerts, Various Artists and the Riso for all your support, belief advice and help.


The Harvest Book


dannie.i launch