IN/FINITY was a collaboration between Kaaitheater, VUB and the palliative day care center Topaz in Wemmel.

In the context of IN/FINITY, Tuesdays were our regular visits to Topaz. Over 8 months we built a routine continuity for ourselves and guests. We practiced in the garden, on the terrace, around the living room table, along the hallway, in the doctor’s room and in more hidden or seemingly private areas. Oracle inherently offers various entries for participation – to vocalize, to witness, to listen or to score. 

The Topaz environment invited us to be in the moment, responding to what was needed according to ever changing constellations of individuals, requests, group dynamics and atmosphere of the day.  Over time strategies of co-existence became our guide for sharing sonic space. Interactions, conversations, daily routines permeated in and out of the practice. We discovered other modes of communicating such as sound-massages and personalized vocal dedications.

Our outcomes were diverse. We gathered live-score drawings, sound recordings of practice sessions, field-recordings of sonic environments, timed spontaneous writings and sometimes a combination thereof.   

collective score with Hisham

In addition to visiting Topaz on a regular basis we also invited the guests of Topaz to visit us at nadine to allow for cross contamination between Topaz and our art environment. During the whole trajectory we were supported by our docu/mentor Rasa Alksnyte, who sometimes joined to Topaz and who documented our process through her photography.

The IN/FINITY trajectory resulted in the publication through art we care and in the exhibition Through Art We Care at de Markten in the frame of Performatik 2019, but the impact and the ripples of this encounter are still tangible for each of us as artist and for oracle. Some projects don’t end…


Through Art We Care

In this group exhibition oracle presented traces of their vocal dedications as photos, scores, sound and writing.

For the opening, we invited musician Stevie Wishart to interpret our scores. During the length of the exhibition we offered vocal dedications to visitors keeping our installation in ongoing evolution. On the Performatik weekend, 16th/17th March 2019, we activated the space with a durational practice.

This exhibition was created together with artist Rasa Alksnyte.

The closing of the exhibition became a durational End-Ritual of building down the presented materials in a performative way.

“C’est la vie!”

Jamal, guest of Topaz





Topaz trajectory