Telepathic Retreat – an “End Event”

During the spring months of the lockdown, oracle transformed their body voice practice into a series of telepathic vocal “gatherings”. The aim was to offer another form of connection in times of crisis and isolation while remunerating each participant for their telepathic presence. Playing with magic, imagination and communication through “waves/energy/particles” made it possible to practice together beyond physical borders. A broth range of artists and practitioners from different walks of life and based in different corners of the world responded enthusiastically to this experimental  proposition and created a number of intriguing artistic traces.


Due to the uncertainty of the health situation of one of oracle’s founding member, Michel Yang, as well as the fluctuations of regulations regarding the covid-19 pandemic oracle decided to further develop and experiment with telepathy as a format for sharing practices and artistic work. 

With the experience of the successful telepathic sessions earlier this year oracle created an “end-event” in the form of a telepathic retreat. The end-event was designed with the intention to mark a moment of transition for oracle as a funded project into another form of functioning, asking for a yet to be formulated narrative. It was also meant as a sharing  and celebration of their past achievements as well as the hidden aspects of their work, like caring for the group and oneself in ritualistic, creative and communal ways.

wishing tree

In September 2020, 18 people joined the retreat from their own chosen space and company to follow a carefully composed and detailed score of activities. The oracle end-event became a journey into self exploration, care, magic and another experience of belonging and community.

The end-event was designed and created in close collaboration with artist and long-term docu(mentor) of oracle, Rasa Alksnyte.

foto by Rasa Alksnyte

“My experience of the retreat had an unreal taste and left me with a sort of floating state, in between what is “here” tangible/intangible and what is “there” intangible/tangible. And it seems that that feeling glues to my skin, so it seems I permanently navigate in a tactile fusion with more than one body. In short, the invisible became more palpable.

I have a lot to share in concrete form (photos, drawings, writings, videos)… but also a lot which lies in my flesh and in my spirit which I cannot transmit in other ways than telepathically.”

written by a participant of the telepathic retreat

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Telepathic Traces Exhibition 21/1/2021

In September 2020, when the corona social distancing measures came into place, oracle adapted their end event group gathering into a telepathic retreat. oracle invites 16 artists to share their experiences and traces of the telepathic retreat in public spaces in the center of  Brussels. The exhibition consists of video, images, objects and writings from the telepathic retreat.

The starting point is nadine window exhibition space and also takes place in surrounding environs. As part of the exhibition oracle experimented with ways of welcoming, guiding through public space exhibition, reading the city architecture and creating safe intimacy with the audience.

The telepathic retreat participating artists are : Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon, Lou Carvalho, Myriam van Imschoot, Marcus Bergner, Eleni Kamma, Miyuki Inoue, Various Artists, Gosie Vervloessem, Em König, Anissa Rouas, Isabel Burr Raty, Rasa Alksnyte, Ingrid Voorendt, Sawsan Maher, Elli Vassalou