The Harvest Book

This book was made in the summer of 2018, a summer full of experiences, stories, caring and sharing moments.

The content stretches over two and a half years of informal but “related” communication between Caroline, Justine and Michel (guest-appearance by Rasa).

It gives place to the in-between, non-visable, but by now resilient body of oracle. It matters.

This publication cherishes and celebrates our ongoing collaboration as well as our loving relation in friendship and work.

It was never intended to be shared beyond the three of us.

We are thankful for Rasa Alksnyte being with and around us, sharing her knowledge and beautiful energy. Loes Jacobs, An Goovaerts and the stories we shared over the summer 2018 inspired us towards some editing choices we made. We also thank Various Artists for the use of his printer without asking for anything in return as well as his support and advice on artistic levels. We thank and acknowledge the artists that appear in our communication.

This publication wouldn’t have been possible without the support of nadine.

The Harvest Book is printed on Laserprint, the cover on the Risograph.

Hi dears, Rotterdam was a moving weekend as always. The pandora box of emotions opens wider every time. Then imagine immediately coming home to family, travel arrangements, another city, meeting the past with my friend…. I’m barely up this morning exhausted and aching all over. But it has been nice. I actually have a family feeling so far. From 10-12, I will be with you through presence and breath, through feeling and body. X!!!!


Love You!!! 💕


Oh, and you can wave each other good Bye today at a gare in Paris in case need be for a quick chat and hug 😉


Yes too right !!

Hey ladies! DinA is very empty without you two!


Hallo! How is Paris, Michel? Or how was it? And Caroline, everything well on your trip? I’ve spend the night on the boat with Clement and his friends. Can’t wait for our own trip! Xx Michel, shall we have a dinner outside of Oracle business next week? Of watch the final together on Sunday?


Hah! We are camping thru Italy and France. Tonight 14th July in Avignon. Should be interesting. Yesterday a huge trek in the alpes. I don’t have photos of that yet. I have driven along some crazy scary mountain roads, one lane ones that feel like they are falling into the abyss.

Hope you are well.

Xxx Caroline


Don’t fall into the abyss physically!!! Crazy!!! Thinking of you while singing through the french countryside. Xxx


Ooh can’t wait to hear about your crystal times


🔮Crystal calls! Hear, smell, taste the prophecy to come!


I’m just looking for pleasure 😁


Prophesy and pleasure … A great mix!


Pleasurful Prophecy or prophetic Pleasure?