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Research Residency: KWP Pianofabriek Sept 2019

Justine and Caroline spent a few days sifting through, categorising and analysing our research questions. We also invited (docu)mentor Rasa Alksnyte.

collectivity / communality

  • We-I discourse
  • in transformation
  • How to practice and experience collectivity?
  • Triangular vs. dual. Forms / shapes of collectivity
  • leadership, shifts of leadership
  • Who is the owner of a collective practice? Can an individual own a collective practice? Can we be owned by the practice? Ownership in motion. Is ownership relevant at all?
  • spontaneity correlated with responsibility. How to be spontaneous yet responsible, borders of spontaneity, how permeable can a practice be to react spontaneous and responsible to changing factors
  • How to be present when not present?


  • practice the exercises we’ve accumulated, write them down maybe
  • go deeper
  • What does the voice carry, transmit, read in the moment?
  • How did our voices change over time? What were they influenced by?


  • oracle as a tool for communication
  • listening as a tool for creating community, what are the modes of listening oracle is proposing to create community
  • Can oracle be a metaphor for society, in what way can group dynamics and status be identified through the practice?
  • healthy / critical dialogue in acceptance of difference and opposition through oracle?
  • listening and its political potential

How to die together / How to die with?

  • in entanglement with friendship and work, How to allow for complexity and varied forms of connectiveness?
  • How to allow for change?
  • What are the necessities to create the grounds for transformation?
  • How to “stay with the trouble”?

social-psychological aspect

  • What does oracle’s way of working propose in contrast to a market-driven economy?
  • In which form is oracle challenging for the norms of society?
  • Activism inherent in oracle? Feminism? The female voice (Rasa)


All of these aspects seems to be entangled with each other, the question about transformation could be asked through the lens of communality but also through the lens of society etc.?