5th oracle retreat

Dec 2019


What a funny retreat. We were all tired and exhausted. Budget cuts and working with others drive us nuts. Michel is not with us. This time it’s no surprise anymore. 

We fill her space with the purr of a cat, the wind, coco’s sounds, with the whole Gevaerts family. What a strange bunch of people. We smoke the wheat i brought for Michel from Groningen, we read a lot of Tarot cards, we care for ourselves. I’m not satisfied. Sexually. We plan our end-event. Busy upcoming year. Did we make wishes? Somehow i have a blurry memory about this retreat. I need to rest. That’s what the Tarot said. How to cut my head off? Rest in peace, Trudo Hedgehog. Forever erect.

Insights from the retreat:

  • She did send vocals. There was communication. We practiced together as a trio though not together in space.. Telepathy of practice
  • We had map
  • Dajo was drawing one picture during a whole day accompanied by Coco on his shoulder
  • Myrddin the troubadour
  • Sauna
  • Dajo cried and slept in my bed
  • Gevaerts are more prudish than one thinks
  • Dajo said: “You don’t know, how much we miss you here, when you are not here.”
  • We are proper witches now.
  • It was muddy.
    Image by Rasa Alksnyte

    Image by Rasa Alksnyte