2nd oracle retreat

Jan 2019

Michel changed treatment, her face is rushed. We don’t come together vocally. We try with Coco, we try with Myrddin. Michel is slowly wanting her own space. Conflictual time. Dannie.i was difficult. It’s cold, in and around us. We met Myrddin’s father. A patriarch. I directly disliked him. Oracle with a musician. Hard to tell what the other thought. At one point the magic happens. We come together again. Ohhh, i sooooo didn’t want to do the stemwerk exercise with Michel. 

Tasks and objectives: 

  • Paintings for the future year with dots, lines, burned they produce aluminium
  • I cried
  • Production meeting Topaz  – very concrete
  • No more guilt in oracle – decision
  • Working with paint

    Image by Rasa Alksnyte

Difficult times begin. Michel is ill now. It is winter. It is snowy. It is cold. I just returned from Australian summer. Beautiful images in the snow. We did a practice with Myrrdin – introducing the practice to a musician. Entering new territory. Tarot readings? Oracle practiced indoors. ‘Less magic, more mystery’. There was an overwhelming agenda for the coming year. Danni i. There were tears. We did paintings of the coming year – dots of paint, then join them. Everyone burnt theirs, except me.

Objective: preparation for upcoming TOPAZ activities. Budget etc.

Image by Rasa Alksnyte
Image by Rasa Alksnyte